At the heart of our practice is the art of turning a client's vision into a breathtaking landscape concept. We take the time to understand our clients' desires for their space, crafting a unique environment that aligns with their aspirations. Our approach transcends the mere visual appeal, delving into the intricate emotional layers of the landscape in a subtle and poetic manner. We believe that a place's ability to evoke a profound sense of depth and emotion for its users is just as essential as its aesthetic beauty. This is what we call 'A Sense of Place.' Our designs serve as a nexus, seamlessly connecting humans, nature, and wellness.

Our journey begins with an in-depth exploration of your garden. We immerse ourselves in the space, discussing ideas and seeking inspiration. Following this initial meeting, we craft a design brief that encapsulates your vision and expectations. We'll then schedule a follow-up conversation to finalize your vision.

* Offsite meeting will be held once.

02. Design & Development

This is where creativity takes center stage. Drawing upon our design experience, we embark on the detailed planning process. We assemble an image board that illustrates materials and plants, offering a visual glimpse into the design's ambiance. Alongside this, a comprehensive concept plan and, if desired, a 3D visualization come to life. In cases where it's essential, we also specify elements like lighting, drainage, and elevation levels, providing a complete set of drawings ready for construction.

* Editing of design - up to one time.

03. Construction & Realization

Once the design is locked in, we introduce you to our team of specialized contractors who will bring the vision to life. It's the stage where your dream garden becomes a reality.
Project Showcase: The GlamTerrace, Kawagoe, Japan
Our recent landscape design project, 'The Glamterrace' in Kawagoe, Japan, is a stunning fusion of urban sophistication and natural beauty. This transformed outdoor oasis harmonizes lush greenery with modern luxury, featuring vibrant planters, cozy seating areas, and ambient lighting. It's a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly blend style and serenity, offering a chic urban escape.