Travel by Ōdes stands as a harmonious fusion of travel and wellness, rooted in the essence of mindfulness. We serve as your companions on a profound journey of self-improvement, offering a treasure trove of destination wisdom and wellness enlightenment.

From the most sumptuous luxury hideaways to globally renowned resorts, from tranquil spa havens to life-transforming retreats, our canvas spans the far reaches of possibility. Ōdes is your devoted advocate for holistic well-being, boundless inspiration, and unwavering self-care. Our commitment extends gracefully to natural beauty marvels, health-conscious culinary delights, and the serene tranquility of garden and park retreats.

Dive into the heart of Wellness Japan, an exclusive guide that unlocks the secrets of mindful retreats in the enchanting landscapes of Japan. Embark on an odyssey led by our seasoned wellness experts to discover contemplative havens in this extraordinary land.
A Tokyo-based professional with a diverse background that encompasses Sydney, Macau, and Tokyo. With a foundation in Landscape Architecture from UNSW, she honed her craft working alongside industry leaders such as MARREIROS ARCHITECT and M & N Planning Institutes. It was here that her path diverged, paving the way for her ascent as a solo artist.

Today, Lina is the visionary Founder & Perfumer behind LINA BADA, a natural fragrance brand that celebrates the art of aromatherapy. Her love for fragrances traces back to her horticultural roots.

In addition to her olfactory pursuits, Lina is a certified Aromatherapist, a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Meditation. She curates mindful scent sessions in the heart of Tokyo, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.
I hope this website will kindle the spirit of mindful travel, offer care for your heart, and guide you toward a deeper self-connection.