Explore the exclusivity of our private scent sessions, tailored for individuals, families, friends, and couples who wish to craft their own signature fragrances. We offer multiple session types, all held in the heart of Tokyo at MIDDI. These sessions are led by the founder and Perfumer of LINA BADA, who holds certifications in Aromatherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Meditation, ensuring a truly unique olfactory experience.
Craft a scent that's exclusively yours, a fragrance to guide you on a journey to self-wholeness. Experiment with a curated selection of 40+ essential oils, including unique Japanese ' (wa)' scents. Enjoy expert guidance throughout the process, crafting and perfecting your distinctive aroma. Create two versions of your scent, choose your favorite, and receive it elegantly packaged in a 40ml Eau de parfum bottle. Your personalised formula will be archived for convenient reordering in the future. Self Love is held inside a boutique store in the heart of Tokyo.

[ Duration: 90 mins | Price: 23,000 yen + tax ]
RESERVE session
Elevate your well-being with custom-scented roll-on that not only boosts your immunity but also revitalizes your energy. Craft a one-of-a-kind fragrance by blending essential oils with therapeutic properties. Immerse yourself in the exploration of over 20 healing scents derived from essential oils. As a token of your olfactory journey, take home a 4ml roll-on bottle infused with your unique healing scent. The formula, carefully crafted for your well-being, will be archived for future reorders, ensuring your personalized healing aroma remains readily accessible. Peace of Mind is held inside a boutique store in the heart of Tokyo.

[ Duration: 70 mins | Price: 15,000 yen + tax ]
RESERVE session
In this personalized 1-on-1 session, delve into the creation of a unique fragrance that's all about healing and renewal. Immerse yourself in the experimentation with a diverse selection of 50+ essential oils and perfumery ingredients, including unique Japanese ‘(wa)’ scents. Through a process of purification and healing, craft a cherished charm in the form of a 4ml roll-on aroma tailored to your individual healing journey, guided by expert consultation. Depart with two versions of your creation and decide on the perfect one to receive in a beautifully labeled 40ml Eau de parfum bottle. Your personalized formulas will be securely stored for convenient future reorders, ensuring that your distinctive scent is always accessible. Deep Healing session is held at a private lounge  with a breathtaking view of Tokyo Bay and healthy wellness nibbles.

[ Duration: 120 mins | Price: 30,000 yen + tax ]
RESERVE session
An engaging session tailored for young explorers (ages 5-12). Kids get to play with a wide spectrum of scents, from fruity to floral. They'll learn about different scent profiles and even create their own aroma stone and room spray to take home.

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RESERVE session
We also offer workshops designed for companies and their employees, enhancing well-being and creativity through the art of scent.

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My scent session with Lina was a portal to the Divine. I was in need of an act of kindness to myself, and this was the perfect gift. The way she balances her mindfulness and knowledge in meditation with the depth of sense and fragrance makes it a very healing and magical experience. I highly recommend anyone in Tokyo to take part in her workshops.

- Giuliana (France)

The self-love session was a one-of-a-kind experience. Lina was very knowledgeable and helped my fiancé and I craft a truly unique scent for one another for our upcoming wedding.

- Chelsea (U.S.A)

I found this experience from Instagram and it really piqued my interest. It was everything I hoped it would be. I loved it because it was personalized and it allowed me to take a break from worrying/stressing. It truly was a perfect workshop for self-love. I recommend it to everyone who needs a bit of time for themselves.

- Miia (Estonia)

The Perfume Workshop was an absolute hit! It was such a unique and fun way to bond with colleagues and learn something new. Everyone had a great time creating their own personalized scents, and the atmosphere was lighthearted and creative. The instructor was very flexible with arrangements, knowledgeable and patient, helping us out to get the best of the experience and our perfumes! They made the whole process easy and engaging, even for those of us with no prior experience. It's perfect for small to mid size groups. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for a fun, unique, and memorable team-building experience.

-  Google Japan

My unique experience in the Scent Lab Tokyo, was immersive, sensory and personal. Lina lead the experience in a calm and relaxing vaccum as I connected to scent selection, evoking memories and feelings of positivity. My created scent resonates strongly with memories of warm and happy threads of my personal history through sensory stories.

-  Jillian (Australia)

Our session was an excellent breath of fresh air in the midst of our busy Japan trip and Lina also inspired us to explore fragrances further when we got back home. A soothing experience which resulted in a perfume we use every single day.

-  Hakon (Norway)

Despite coming into the session a complete newbie, Lina made me feel completely comfortable and equipped me with everything I needed to create my own custom fragrance. I left not only with a new scent but with a deeper appreciation for perfumes and olfactory arts. 10/10 would recommend it for anyone interested in perfumes, fragrances or just curious about different methods for self-care.

-  Brian (U.S.A)

Lina's perfume making workshop in Japan was an informative and super special experience. Crafting a personalised fragrance not only provided a unique memento of my trip but also offered an immersive scent journey that effortlessly transports me back to those unforgettable moments.

-  Farah (Saudi Arabia)